I have lived and worked in Central Oregon for more than 25 years. There are many wonderful businesses and service providers. Based on my own experience and the experience of my awesome clients, the following are what I call the “Best of the Best.” This list grows so be sure and check back to see the new additions:

Best of the Best in Bend

  • Dentist: Cornerstone Family Dentistry: Cornerstone Dentistry is a great small office on the westside for Dental services. Dr. DiGuilio is probably one of the calmest, softest touch dentists ever. She is very calming. If you want a bigger office, I really like Shevlin Dental off the Colorado Bridge. Dr. Cauble is awesome there. Either one is highly regarded in town.
  • EyeCare: Lifetime Vision CareI really like Lifetime Vision Care off Colorado Ave in Bend…I started going to the original optometrist in the 1990’s…he has since retired but the new doctors are great and the staff is super friendly and nice.
  • Orthodontics: Struble Orthodontics
  • Restaurant: Zydeco (downtown Bend)
  • Spa: Anjou Spa
  • Health Club: Athletic Club of Bend
  • Family Park: Shevlin Park
  • Schools: There are no bad schools in Bend, but I do have some favorites. Contact me about this.
  • Construction: It’s not enough just to get a contractor’s CCB number: you should verify it online through the Oregon Construction Contractors Board’s contractor license search website. The contractor search will show you:
    • If the license is active. They provide mediation services for homeowners in disputes with contractors who have an active license.
    • Complaint history. Their website provides 10 years of complaint history on each license.
    • Residential endorsement. This is required to work on residential projects. If your contractor does not have the proper endorsement, you won’t have access to mediation or the bond.

Live Music Scene In Bend, Oregon

Outdoor Concerts in Bend, Oregon

Carrie DiTullio Real Estate is happy to support the Bend outdoor music scene by sponsoring the annual Clear Summer Nights concert series at the Athletic Club of Bend.