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Getting ready to list a home? Here are some simple, often overlooked, things sellers can do to keep the inspection report uncluttered. By fixing small things the inspection process can go quickly while keeping minor repairs and unnecessary worries to a minimum and ensuring a smooth transaction.

1. Burned out light bulbs

During a home inspection we check all the light fixtures. The seller may not have turned on that back-porch light in months but, we will flip the switch during the inspection. If the bulb doesn’t work we’ll have to notate that the light wasn’t functioning. Even though it’s probably just a burnt out bulb (and we will note that in the report) a nervous buyer may get concerned about the electrical. The best option is to make sure all the bulbs are replaced prior to the inspection so there are no unanswered questions.

2. Missing outlet or switch covers

The seller probably took the receptacle cover off when they were painting and then it was misplaced. A new one costs as little as $.97 at a home improvement store. Safety concerns dictate that outlets and switch covers be installed and properly secured. So…that one in the garage they meant to fix for the last 10-years will probably show up on the home inspection. Sellers should make a note to pickup a new one the next time they’re running errands.

3. Smoke alarms/detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

This is a good thing to do no matter what! But, in Oregon working smoke detectors must be up-to-date when a house is sold. We will check every single one and recommend replacements if necessary.

4. Trim shrubs and trees away from the roof or siding

The inspection report will note if there is damage to roofing or siding due to overgrown trees and shrubs. It’s best to trim them back prior to the inspection so there is proper clearance.

5. Make sure water from gutters is diverted away from the home

For some reason gutter diverters go missing or get damaged. It’s generally a simple inexpensive fix and it’s a good idea for long-term maintenance on any home to keep water moving away from the foundation.

6. Leaking faucets

We check all the faucets and plumbing in every room. If we see evidence of leakage we’ll definitely make a note and recommend immediate repair. Water leaks can do serious damage to a home so go ahead and have the faucet repaired or replaced if it’s malfunctioning – sooner instead of later.

7. Electrical panels are accessible

If there is something blocking access to the electrical panel be sure it’s moved prior to the inspection. If the seller is in the process of moving they should be sure not to block key inspection components like the electrical panel with boxes or furniture.

8. Tighten door knobs

If an inspector sees loose door hardware they may have to write it down. Do a once-over on your door hardware to make sure it’s not rattling around. It’s usually just one or two small screws that need to be tightened.

9. Change your furnace filter

Furnace filters should generally be replaced or cleaned once every 1-3 months. This is often overlooked and can be bad for your furnace, your health and your power bill.

10. Is your toilet running?

This isn’t a joke… a toilet left running can waste thousands of gallons of water over time. It’s generally a simple fix. Here’s a link to article that might help.


It’s always a good idea to have a pre-sale inspection by a qualified home inspector so you’re not surprised by unknown, possibly serious issues that can derail a transaction. A pre-sale inspection can provide valuable cost saving information and peace-of-mind! 



Information courtesy of Lance with Hero Home Inspector. Serving all of Central Oregon including: Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties. For questions call 541-420-8979.