One of the many current topics in the world of real estate is the issue of how a realtor representing a buyer will be compensated. Historically, buyers’ realtors have been paid by the seller. While this is still being sorted out in the legal system, the topic is current and may result in buyers’ having to negotiate with sellers to pay for their representation when the buyers’ submit an offer to purchase or pay the fee themselves.

Either way, what Carrie believes is positive for the industry is that buyers should pick who they “hire” to represent them very carefully. A good, experienced realtor will bring you so much value by guiding you on typically the biggest investment of your life. Carrie will educate you on all the pertinent details (pros/cons) to help guide you to make the “right” decision for you. It is not about “selling” for Carrie, it is about coaching people in this huge financial and emotional process and often this process begins months/even years before a purchase is made. Picking someone who puts your best interest first is imperative, so as you do your research, be sure and include Carrie on your list. You will be happy you did!