The debate over whether or not Bend, Oregon, is a good place to live has been ongoing for many years. Some people are attracted to the city’s natural beauty and endless outdoor activities, while others find it too remote and lacking in cultural opportunities.


If you’re considering moving to Bend, this article will give you a big picture about the pros and cons of living in this city.


Wildfire Season

Every summer, the risk of wildfires in Central Oregon increases as the temperatures dry out the vegetation. This can create unhealthy air quality conditions and cause anxiety for those who live in the area.

Small City

If you’re looking for a big city with all the amenities, Bend is not the place for you. The population is just over 100,000, making it feel quite small. However, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a tight-knit community and access to natural wonders, Bend might be the perfect place for you.

A Bit Isolated

If you’re used to being close to a big city and are looking for that in your new home, Bend may be a bit isolated for you. Bend is located in Central Oregon close and the nearest “big city” is Portland (about a 3 hour drive). However, Bend does have an airport close by with routes to get you anyweher your heart desires.


It’s A Paradise For Outdoor Lovers

If you love to hike, bike, ski, or snowboard, Bend is an outdoor paradise. There are endless trails to explore in the surrounding area, and the city is located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains.

It’s The Most Dog-Friendly Place

If you have a furry friend, Bend is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. There are numerous dog parks and trails, and many businesses welcome four-legged customers.

Pleasant Weather

You’re already looking for homes for sale in Bend, so it’s safe to say that you like the weather here. The average high temperature is near 80-90 degrees, and there are very few days of extreme heat or cold. Bend has the highest average number of sunny days in Oregon. Clear days average 158 days per year with an additional 105 days that are mostly sunny. That’s a lot of sunshine!

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